Yaberg Affären

Restaurant and coffee shop

Our restaurant and café is open tuesday to sunday from 12:00 to 21:00.

You are welcome to book it for any type of event and let Jeni spoil you with culinary delights.
We have space for up to 20 people and in summer for another 40 people on our terrace.

Currently we are only allowed to sell folkbeer (3.5% alcohol). Unfortunately, we are not yet allowed to sell any other alcoholic drinks. But we are also working on that and hope to get approval soon.


Bali Risoles (dumplings filled with vegetables)      30 kr
Tomatosoup                                                                     50 kr
Cream of chanterelle soup                                           60 kr
Indonesian Soup (with Indonesian meatballs)       60 kr
Small salad plate                                                             60 kr
Large salad plate                                                           120 kr

Main dishes

Schnitzel with fried potatoes and salad                          130 kr

Hamburger with potato wedges                                        110 kr

Beef roulades with spaetzle and salad                            150 kr

Pork fillet with mushroom sauce and spaetzle             160 kr

Cod with rice and spinach                                                  140 kr

Spaghetti bolognese with salad                                        110 kr

Cheese spaetzle with onions and salad                         100 kr

Chicken curry with rice                                                       120 kr

Satay skewers with peanut sauce, rice                         120 kr
and vegetables

Roast pork with red cabbage                                            140 kr
and spaetzle or potatoes

Nasi Goreng (Fried rice)                                                      100 kr

Meatballs with mashed potatoes and vegetables       125 kr
or mushroom

Goulash with spaetzle and salad                                      150 kr

Bali plate

Bali plate (from 5 people)                             per Person 180 kr

Bali plate 2

Bali plate 2 (from 5 people)                                                    per Person 200 kr

Spätzle is a dish from southern Germany and resembles handmade noodles


a piece of cake                                                                     35 kr

a piece of cake                                                                     35 kr

Scoop of ice cream                                                             15 kr
Belgian waffles with ice cream and cream                  50 kr
Iced coffee                                                                             60 kr

Warm drinks

Black coffee                                  20 kr
espresso                                         20 kr
Cappuccino                                   25 kr
Latte macchiato                           25 kr
Tea                                                   20 kr

Cold drinks

carbonated water (0,33l)                   20 kr
carbonated water lemon (0,33l)      20 kr
Coca Cola (0,33l)                                 25 kr
Fanta (0,33l)                                          25 kr
Sprite (0,33l)                                         25 kr
Apple juice (0,33l)                               25 kr
Orange juice (0,33l)                            25 kr
Icetee (0,33l)                                         25 kr
non-alcoholic Beer (0,33l)                30 kr
folk beer (0,5l)                                      45 kr